Welcome to the  iLab advisory program.  Modeled in part on Big Picture Learning advisories and adapted for the rural Maine high school this program provides a comprehensive advisory experience.

Project Foundry


Overview of Project Foundry

Project Foundry is an online project based learning (PBL) management system that allows students to design projects, keep track of deadlines and communicate with advisors and their parents what they have been working on throughout the day and week. Project Foundry is used by schools throughout the country.  Designed and built by practitioners who understand the individualized learning process, the Steele-Maley advisory can more easily keep on top of what academic requirements they must complete, how much credit they’ve earned, and access their PLP’s and projects.

Any given day, a Steele-Maley Advisory student will use Project Foundry to:

  1. Write a Check-In  journal entry to Mr.S
  2. Develop a PLP
  3. Explain what she/he worked on through the week by logging about what he/she completed in a specific project
  4. Examine what graduation standards still need to be completed

Advsiors, students, and even parents can have Project Foundry accounts to track progress!  Email to request a parent account.  Please include your first and last name, your email address, and your student’s first and last name.

Want more info about how we will track our progress, or what it means to be on track?  Check out: Year 1 PLP in Project Proposals.

Basically, students use Project Foundry to write journals every day or at least once a week to stay on track, and work on PLP’s at important points . Journals turn into discussion points when students finalize their PLP’s.

Check out for more information on Project Foundry.

What is an Advisory?1


An advisory is a small community within the school. Students remain with the same advisory for four years, so they will get to understand and know each other and the advisor very well. Advisories become great support systems, because the students are able to have close relationships with the advisor and each other. It is like an extended family. With an advisory system, every student has an adult in the school who cares about him or her deeply.

Students Role:

Students come to advisory every friday after lunch. Depending on the advisory and grade level, students may check in several times a day. The advisory is the students family group at school, with its own name, culture and personality. Students are expected to become a respectful, caring and productive members of the advisory group.

Advisors Role:

The advisor leads the group, facilitates team building, and plans advisory activities with input from the group. The advisor helps the students work on the issues of respect and diversity through activities, discussions, speakers and trips. The advisor plans trust building activities and helps the group form an identity. The advisor sets up advisory rituals and structures to help students succeed, tracks each students work and learning and enriches the advisory with an array of learning activities. The advisor gives students a voice and choice in planning and facilitating the advisory and strives to build students leadership skills. The advisor helps students manage their time, plan work, complete ePortfolio tasks, find internships, and complete projects. The advisor works cooperatively with parents, teachers, and other staff.

Principals Role:

The principal helps advisors prioritize and set goals for each part of the year. The principal visits advisories, helps the students create a strong group culture and coaches advisors. The principal supports the work of advisors and recognizes the contribution of each staff member. The principal makes sure that each advisory is focused around the core philosophy of the school.

Advisor Responsibilities

An advisor at WHS plays a complex role. An advisor is responsible for navigating and guiding the learning process with students for 4 years. The advisor is a part of each students Personal Learning Plan team, along with the student, parent, Mrs. Paradis, Mrs. Poppish and Mrs. Taylor. The advisor guides this team to support and coach the student1⁄2s learning process. The advisor is a generalist who can support student work around each Learning Goal.
An advisor is not only a teacher. He or she takes on aspects of administration, guidance, management, recruitment, public engagement and more.  As a result, advising can be a very rewarding and intense experience.

Important Advisory Links
  PLP Log-In (Project Foundry)
 See the introductory tutorials for Week one HERE

1Portions of What is an Advisory have been adapted from the Big Picture Advisor Guide 101 with permission.