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Web 2.0 Foundations (.5 cr)

This is a semester course designed for students to develop core competencies with a variety of digital
tools used throughout their high school experience and beyond. Students will create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) while they become proficient with Google Apps, Learning Management Systems, multimedia, Web 2.0 tools (blogs, micro-blogs such as Twitter, Social and Collaborative Bookmarking), create a positive digital footprint, interact with other students synchronously and asynchronously, learn about appropriate use of tools online, citation and copyright issues in an open world, and create the foundation for their 4-year eportfolio. More.

Introduction to Information Studies (.5cr)

Is is vital for young people to understand Information in the 21st century.  This course will provide for such a study through in-depth independent research, reading and writing in foundational Information Studies sources. Along with these foundational intellectual pursuits, participants will be encouraged to “live” their quests for knowledge and build an individually designed, blended model of learning that encourages mobile, networked and rhizomatic connections with information and other (young and old) researchers.

Two hours of online reading and one hour of online discussion per week are required along with a final project. Course will meet Face to Face two times per month.  Topics may vary but include human-computer interaction, design, technology and rural areas, law and policy, and entrepreneurship.  Independent Study Available. More

Media Literacy (.5cr or 1cr)

Driven students at WHS may take Media Literacy (medlit) with Mr. Steele-Maley and at least one other approved mentor.  Medlit projects are individually designed, rigorous studies.  Typically these studies have a central topic or research question and use 21st century skills to build a Personal Learning Network (PLN) for research.  A common aspect for most studies:

  • Blended Learning (Online and Face to Face learning)
  • Weekly Blog posts to create an academic journal as record of research, feedback and PLN.
  • Extensive research using social and collaborative bookmarking
  • The use of Twitter and other social networking hubs to build an academic community
  • 360 degree assessment (self, teacher/mentor, academic community, world)

If you are interested in participating in a MEDLIT project please send an email inquiry to Mr.S.

2012-2013 MEDLIT Projects:

MEDLIT Special Topics (1cr): Installing Canvas from Scratch: website configuration and administration with Apache and/or generic Ruby on Rails setups. MORE

MEDLIT Networked Research (.5cr or 1cr): This is an advanced iLab offering that serves as a challenging alternative to Web 2.0 Tools (Students receive credit that fulfills Web 2.0 Foundations Req) .  Projects in MEDLIT Networked Research feature a blend of readings and resources with a major networked learning project featuring: Connected Learning, Generative Knowledge, distributed interaction, an innovation focus.




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