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Personalized, Interest Based, Blended and Connected: Student Directed Innovation at the iLab.

At the iLab young people are given spaces in school and online to connect their ideas, interests and passions to projects they create to better their world.  The iLab offers a school based mentor/s and facilitates the design of networked research communities outside of school.  Young people bring their quest for understanding and creative minds to build and contribute to the world.

Year Long and Semester Projects

2012-2013 Project: Web Server Development and Deployment (Year Long 1 Credit)

Hello readers, this year our iLab project team will be experimenting and creating a different learning management system for our school and district. Over the course of 2012-2013 we will install The Canvas Learning Management System from code to user log-in. Throughout our journey we will be going through documentation using Github, problem solving, brainstorming and building our own web servers. We will be sharing our story through multimedia at and our own blogs. We know this is big. It would mean a lot to us if you keep posted on our updates and feel free to ask us questions via Twitter or Email.

We are trying to alter the way the world thinks about learning.


Josh, Nate, Victor


Participants 2012-2013
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Project Foundry Instructor/Mentor
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